Your 5 weekly to-dos, week of April 8, 2019

Your 5 weekly to-dos from

  1. Tell your Representative to stop throwing money at the Pentagon. This week, the House is likely to vote on a “caps deal” to raise spending limits for defense and non-defense programs. (You can learn more about what this means in our explainer here.) House Democrats have agreed to give the Pentagon billions more in funding when it can’t even account for what it already spends. The deal would also leave domestic spending on things like health care and education relatively low. We oppose the bill in its current form, and urge the House to vote it down. You can use our call script to tell your MoC to vote no on H.R. 2021.
  2. Tell your Representative to vote to restore net neutrality. On Tuesday or Wednesday, the House will vote on a bill to restore net neutrality after Trump’s FCC voted to end it. The bill should pass easily, but there’s a strong chance Republicans will try to use a motion to recommit to split Democrats and add divisive language to the bill. You can use our call script tell your MoC to vote against any motion to recommit and for H.R. 1644, the Save the Internet Act!
  3. Keep demanding that the full Mueller report be made public!Keep calling your MoCs and demand they make Mueller’s findings public and continue investigations to hold Trump accountable. We’ve got everything you need to know here.
  4. Make your voice heard: do you support impeaching Trump? We’ve put together a quick survey to collect your thoughts on an impeachment campaign. We’re asking everyone to complete the survey individually this month. Click here to review the survey and share your thoughts.
  5. Learn more about the Dream and Promise Act. We’ve still got time before the Dream and Promise Act heads to mark-up, so in the meantime catch up on everything you need to know about the bill. Check out for everything you need to know about this important pro-immigrant legislation.

Our M.O.C. here in Florida 13 is Charlie Crist:

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