Your 5 weekly to-dos from

 Your 5 weekly to-dos

  1. The proper solution for a president who obstructs justice is impeachment. Whether it’s his actions to obstruct the Mueller investigation or his demands that members of his administration stonewall Congressional investigations, Trump has committed acts that should be addressed in an impeachment investigation. Write a letter to your MoC, or make a call, to make sure that your MoC knows you want them to support Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s resolution, H.R. 257, to open an impeachment inquiry.
  2. It’s time to take a stand on the Dream and Promise Act. House Democrats already delayed their markup of H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act, once before. Now it’s time for them to make passing this legislation in its current, strong form a priority. Members on the House Judiciary Committee especially need to hear from you that protecting immigrants is an urgent concern.
  3. Tell your MoCs to prevent a new war with Iran. Trump and his war cabinet are dialing up the escalations to a 10, including deploying additional military force to the region. Noted war enthusiast, John Bolton, has called this a “clear and unmistakable message to the Iranian regime” in response to secret, ill-defined “threats.” MoCs can co-sponsor H.R. 2354 / S. 1039 to explicitly deny Trump the authority he needs to start a new war.
  4. Democrats need to hold strong on prescription drug prices. Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s bill, H.R. 1046, would guarantee that Medicare could negotiate prices for all drugs while protecting patient’s access to their medications. This bill has the support of huge majorities of the public, along with co-sponsorships from every corner of the Democratic caucus, yet House Democratic leadership is working with the White House on bad proposals that would delegate the authority to make a final call on drug prices to unaccountable, third-party arbitrators. Use our call script hereand make sure your MoC knows that the Doggett bill is the best option for bringing drug prices down.
  5. Sign up early for the June National Call. Mark June 6 for the monthly Indivisible National Activist Call! All group leaders, group members, and other Indivisible activists are welcome.