YES on SB 1610 -Emergency Mitigation and Response

Email or call your Senator and urge that he or she vote YES on SB 1610 –Emergency Mitigation and Response at the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development meeting this Tuesday, 04/016/19, 1:00 pm.

SB 1610     Emergency Mitigation and Response       Creating the Hurricane Michael Recovery Task Force to make recommendations to the Legislature regarding additional assistance needed in the response to, recovery from, and mitigation of the effects of Hurricane Michael in certain areas; requiring the task force to review the effectiveness of local, state, and federal activities in those areas, as well as the availability of resources and any additional assistance needed, etc. APPROPRIATION: $315,285,000.00

The schools in Panama City report 2-5 Baker Acted children per week due to statements of self harm and students who never had problems before acting out. The schools are one of the last lines of support for the 4,500 hurricane homeless couch surfing kids.

District /Last Name /Email /Phone
7 Hutson (850) 487-5007
8 Perry (850) 487-5008
10 Simpson (850) 487-5010
15 Torres (850) 487-5015
20 Lee (850) 487-5020
24 Brandes (850) 487-5024
33 Thurston (850) 487-5033
40 Taddeo (850) 487-5040

Info via Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida (UUJF)