YES on HB 49 and HB 219 and Vote NO on HB 403 and HB 527

Email or call your Representative and urge that he or she vote YES on HB 49 and HB 219 and Vote NO on HB 403 and HB 527 at the House Judiciary Committee meeting this Tuesday, 04/16/19 1:30 pm.

Include your name and address or Zip Code so your legislator knows you are a constituent.

Vote YES    HB 49  – Incarcerated Women        Provides a more dignified and humane environment for incarcerated women, respectful treatment from male guards and free sanitary products.

Vote YES    HB 219  – Victims of Human Trafficking   Requires mandatory minimum term of incarceration for solicitation of prostitution offenses involving victims of human trafficking.

Vote NO     HB 403       Safety of Religious Institutions      The safety of students, faculty and the general public is at a much greater risk when law enforcement officers are unable to distinguish between those committing an armed assault and armed defenders at the scene.

Vote NO     HB 527       Federal Immigration Enforcement This bill prohibits Sanctuary Cities.  It threatens, profiles, harasses and detains immigrant families. It wastes valuable local resources hurting families and local budgets. It corrodes community trust in law enforcement, drains valuable law enforcement resources, and makes Floridians less safe.

District /Last Name /Email /Phone
8 Alexander (850) 717-5008
57 Beltran (850) 717-5057
10 Brannan (850) 717-5010
68 Diamond (850) 717-5068
63 Driskell (850) 717-5063
119 Fernandez-Barquin (850) 717-5119
78 Fitzenhagen (850) 717-5078
100 Geller (850) 717-5100
98 Gottlieb (850) 717-5098
64 Grant (850) 717-5064
73 Gregory (850) 717-5073
1 Hill (850) 717-5001
41 Killebrew (850) 717-5041
93 LaMarca (850) 717-5093
48 Mercado (850) 717-5048
24 Renner (850) 717-5024
106 Rommel (850) 717-5106
51 Sirois (850) 717-5051

If you are a constituent of House Judiciary Committee Chair, Paul Renner, ask him to place the following bill on the agenda for the next Committee meeting. Otherwise, ask your Representative to urge the Chair to place this bill on the next committee agenda.

HB 79 HIV Prevention  Provides exception to allow donation of human tissue by person with HIV. Laws that criminalize people living with HIV discourage testing and, therefore, contribute to the spread of HIV.

Information via Unitarian Universalist Justice Florida (UUJF)