UPDATE: We started planning for our vigil on short notice, and we got such a great response from the community! Now that the ‘Vote to Proceed’ on Tuesday has been postponed, we want to use this opportunity to better plan this event, so it is postponed for now. We will be back with more details shortly. In the meantime, keep making those calls to Sen. Rubio!


Trumpcare in any form is an assault on human dignity. Indivisible FL-13 invites you to join together in a single voice on July 18 to denounce this legislation and publicly call upon our Florida senators to oppose this bill. Sen. Bill Nelson is opposed – so please thank him –  but Senator Rubio has no plans of stopping Trumpcare. Join in and speak out! #killthebill

“Community Vigil to Stop Trumpcare”


On <not defined yet date>, thousands of grassroots organizations across the U.S. will participate in the Indivisible Guide’s national Call to Action against Trumpcare. Many are planning events at Senators’ District Offices. Senator Rubio, the one Florida senator who supports Trumpcare, no longer has a Tampa office. Indivisible FL-13 invites our elected representatives, members of the St. Petersburg community and beyond to assemble as one voice to publicly denounce Trumpcare and vow to stop it.

Why a vigil? Trumpcare in any form is an assault on human dignity and the right to health care. Many people will suffer and others will die. We will gather on <not defined yet date> to stay watchful and  denounce the heartless decision of our own Senator Rubio to support this bill.

Indivisible FL-13 calls upon all Floridians to contact Sen. Rubio and demand that he oppose Trumpcare. Thank you calls to Senator Nelson, who opposes the bill, are also in order.

Event Details

Date: <Not defined yet>

Time: <Not defined yet>

Location: <Not defined yet>