This Week’s ToDos from

  1. No more money for Trump’s deportation machine. Trump wants billions more in supplemental funding for detention beds, ICE boots, and deadly border enforcement. We’re hearing that Congressional Democrats have agreed to give him large portions of that money. Tell your member of Congress (MoC) you expect them to #DefundHate by voting no on any additional money for Trump’s cruel immigration policies.
  2. It’s time to pass the Dream and Promise Act. The markup (debate and amendment period) for H.R. 6 is scheduled for May 22, which means Democrats are on the cusp of finally standing up to Trump’s cruel, racist immigration policies. But there’s still a risk they’ll try to water down this bill in committee before it gets a final vote; make sure to call your MoC and tell them to vote for the Dream and Promise Act, and reject any amendments or motions to recommit that would weaken it.
  3. Don’t let Trump get us into another endless war. After a week of stories about the Trump administration fueling conflict with Iran, led by noted war enthusiast and National Security Advisor John Bolton, it’s clear that Congress needs to act to prevent another endless war in the Middle East. Call your MoC and tell them to co-sponsor H.R. 2354 / S. 1039 to explicitly deny Trump the authority he needs to go to war with Iran.
  4. Democrats need to keep their promise on lowering drug prices by passing H.R. 1046. During the 2018 midterms, Democrats promised to unleash Medicare’s power to negotiate drug prices to make medicine more affordable. But now they’re considering a weak, arbitration-based approach, instead of strong legislation that would erode Big Pharma’s monopoly power. Call your MoC and tell them to reject arbitration, and to co-sponsor H.R. 1046 to lower drug prices.
  5. Take the #WeAreIndivisible pledge. We’ve got 15 candidates and over 28,000 grassroots activists signed up. But this simple ask will take all of us to uphold. So, if you haven’t already, take the pledge and add your name. And if your local group is ready to commit to our weekend of action on July 2020, register your event on the map here.