SB 642 – Criminal Justice only if the following changes proposed by the ACLU

Email or call your STATE Senator and urge that he or she vote YES on SB 1074 – Sentencing and vote YES on SB 642 – Criminal Justice only if the following changes proposed by the ACLU are adopted at the Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice meeting this Tuesday, 04/09/19, 1:30 pm.

SB1074 Sentencing Requires an offender to comply with specified terms of drug offender or mental health probation. Addresses root causes of addiction.

SB 642 Criminal Justice Florida First Step Act.
Amend this bill with the following recommendations from the ACLU:

** Require a racial impact assessment six months after the Florida First Step Act goes into effect and mandate a racial impact statement for future criminal justice bills.

** Eliminate carve-outs so people with a previous conviction who have already served their time can be eligible for judicial discretion in sentencing and have the same opportunities to earn gain time toward an earlier release date.

** Increase the current cap of 15 percent on gain time to incentivize good behavior and rehabilitation.

** Fully fund the Department of Corrections, including previously cut mental health and substance abuse treatment funding and an additional $25 million to create opportunities for rehabilitation.

** Ensure that technical violations of probation or parole do not result in returning to jail or prison.

Many of us are in State Senate District 24, home of Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Criminal and Civil Justice Chair, Jeff Brandes [(850) 487-5024] Ask him to place the following bills on the agenda for the next Committee meeting. Otherwise, ask your Senator to urge the Chair to place these bills on the next committee agenda.

SB 624 Youth in Solitary Confinement Prohibits the Department of Corrections from placing a youth in solitary confinement. Special services must be provided to address root causes of a prisoner’s misbehavior.

SB 1102 Defendants with Mental Illness Requires a jail’s staff to screen each defendant booked into a jail on misdemeanor charges using a certain instrument to determine if there is an indication of a mental health disorder and requires an authorized professional completing a certain evaluation. Treatment for mental health issues must be outside of the criminal justice system.

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