Rubio for Senate is looking for input

On June 8th, Rubio for Senate sent out an email, signed by Senator Rubio, in which he begins by saying he needs “the advice and support of grassroots activists like you.”

Sounds great, right?

Not so much.

He goes on to lump all “liberal democrats” in to one obstructionist group that are an embarrassment to the country. Note, this email was sent to a registered democrat.

“The liberal Democrats have used every stalling tactic and method of delay they can find to slow confirmation of administration appointees and try to block passage of reform legislation.

Their bitter obstructionism is an embarrassment to the institution of the U.S. Senate and an insult to the American people. The Democrats have put partisanship before the best interests of the country on issue, after issue, after issue.

And the biased media “echo chamber” repeats and amplifies the liberals’ bitter attacks and phony misrepresentations of our Republican agenda.

But I know that the Democrats and their allies in the media don’t speak for Main Street Americans like you.”

Senator Rubio likes to speak of working across the aisle for non-partisanship. An email like this is not only contrary to that, but highly offensive to those that are registered Democrats.

The survey itself is no better.