Email or call your STATE Senator and urge that he or she vote NO on SB 824 – Private Property Rights of Homeowners at the Senate Innovation, Industry and Technology Committee meeting this Wednesday, 04/10/19, 1:30 pm.

Include your name and address or Zip Code so your legislator knows you are a constituent.

Most of us are in Senate District 24, Jeff Brandes (850) 487-5024 [] or find your reps at

SB824 – Private Property Rights of Homeowners Preempts the regulation of vacation rentals to the state. Preemption prevents residents from addressing important issues of concern in their communities.


If you are a constituent of Senate Innovation, Industry and Technology Committee Chair, Wilton Simpson, ask him to place the following bills on the agenda for the next Committee meeting. Otherwise, ask your Senator to urge the Chair to place these bills on the next committee agenda.

SB314 Advanced Well Stimulation Treatment Prohibits fracking and matrix acidizing. Fracking damages the environment and threatens water supplies with adverse consequences for public health, quality of life and the tourism industry.

SB222 Private Property Rights Exempting from the definition of “public utility” property owners who own and operate a renewable energy source device, produce renewable energy from that device, and provide or sell the renewable energy to users on that property. Encourages conversion to solar power.

SB1156 Community Solar Program Community solar allows individuals, businesses, schools, colleges, local governments, churches and other non-profits to share the benefits of a single solar array and receive proportional credits on electric utility bills for power produced. Renewable sources of energy will reduce pollution and dependence on fossil fuels.

SB1762 State Renewable Energy Goals Directs Office of Energy within DACS to develop a unified plan to generate 100 percent of Florida’s energy from renewable sources by 2050. Provides jobs, protects the environment.