Place the following bills on the agenda for the next Criminal Justice Committee meeting

If you are a constituent of Criminal Justice Committee Chair, Keith Perry, ask him to place the following bills on the agenda for the next Criminal Justice Committee meeting. Otherwise, ask your Senator to urge the Chair to place these bills on his next committee agenda.

Include your name and address or Zip Code so your legislator knows you are a constituent.

SB 110       Youth in Solitary Confinement       Prevent children and other vulnerable inmates from harm and conditions detrimental to their health, wellbeing and fitness to return to society as responsible adults

SB 370       Victims of Human Trafficking          Requires a specified period of incarceration for solicitation of prostitution offenses involving victims of human trafficking

SB 472       Death Penalty  The death penalty is state sanctioned murder, it is not a deterrent to crime, it kills people to show that killing people is wrong. The death penalty is final; you cannot undo mistakes. Twenty seven  people on Death Row in Florida have been found innocent, exonerated and released.

SB 500       Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines      There is simply no legitimate reason for private citizens to have access to military-style assault weapons.

SB 636       Use or Threatened Use of Force  Revises standard of proof necessary to overcome immunity from criminal prosecution; specifies that immunity from prosecution is not available to aggressor; revises criteria for determining whether person would be justified in using force in certain circumstances

SB 704       General Savings Provisions      Reduces past prison sentences when sentencing guidelines change.

SB 734       Penalties and Fees       Repeals a provision relating to revocation or suspension of drivers for non-traffic related offenses that could otherwise be a barrier to holding a job and supporting one’s family.

SB 834       Presentencing Consideration           Authorizes a defendant who is found guilty of committing a nonviolent offense to request a sentencing court to withhold sentencing if the defendant is primary caretaker for a child and agrees to treatment or counseling.

SB 850       Prosecution of Juvenile Offenders           Removes provisions requiring prosecution of juveniles as adults

SB 870       Detention of Children            Prohibits the holding in a jail or other facility intended or used for the detention of adults of a child awaiting trial who is treated as an adult for purposes of criminal prosecution

SB 940       Crimes Evidencing Prejudice          Amends existing hate crimes law to include crimes of prejudice based on gender or gender identity. Transgender people, and specifically transgender women of color, are disproportionately the victims of hate-motivated violence. They deserve the full protection of the law.

SB 1212     Gain-time   Incentivizes rehabilitation by adjusting the cap on gain-time

SB 1326     Incarcerated Women with Newborn Children   Requires certain women inmates within the state and county correctional systems who have newborn children to be allowed specified visitation and physical touch privileges with their newborn children

SB 1402     Inmate Confinement    Prohibits the use of solitary confinement

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