Indivisible weekly to-dos May 6, 2019

  1. Demand that your MoC oppose giving Trump’s deportation machine more money. The administration doesn’t need billions more in DHS funding for detentions, deportations, and immigration enforcement agents. Your MoC should say no to Trump’s supplemental funding request.
  2. It’s time for your MoCs to support an impeachment inquiry. Rep. Rashida Tlaib introduced H.Res. 257 a little over a month ago to open an impeachment inquiry in the House Judiciary Committee in response to Trump’s obstruction of justice and corruption. You can write a letter to your MoC, or make a call, to make sure that your MoC knows you want them to support beginning the process of impeaching Trump.
  3. Tell your members of Congress to act on H.R. 6, the Dream and Promise Act. House Democrats need to pass H.R. 6 without delay, and without watering it down. Members of the House Judiciary Committee in particular need to hear from you that protecting immigrants is a top priority.
  4. Make sure your MoC supports H.R. 1046 to reduce prescription drug prices. House Democratic leadership is working with the White House on bad proposals that would not adequately address the crisis of high drug prices (like narrow powers for Medicare to negotiate some drug prices, or arbitration between the government and Big Pharma). Rep. Lloyd Doggett’s bill, H.R. 1046, would guarantee that Medicare could negotiate prices for all drugs while protecting patient’s access to their medications. Call and make sure your MoC knows that the Doggett bill is the best option for bringing drug prices down.
  5. Sign up early for the June National Call. Mark June 6 for the monthly Indivisible National Activist Call! All group leaders, group members, and other Indivisible activists are welcome.