End of Session Action Alert

The following bills have passed both the House and Senate and are on the Governor’s desk awaiting his signature or veto. He must act by June 6 or they become law without his signature.

Contact the Governor

Executive Office of Governor Ron DeSantis

400 S Monroe St., Tallahassee, FL 32399

Call (850) 488-7146 or Email or Text via Resistbot (Text ‘State’ to 50409 and follow the prompts).

and urge him to APPROVE the following:

HB19/SB1528 Prescription Drug Importation Programs    Creates programs for purpose of safely importing cost-effective prescription drugs into state from Canada & other foreign nations

HB49/SB332 Incarcerated Women      Provides a more dignified and humane environment for incarcerated women, respectful treatment from male guards and free sanitary products.

HB851/SB540 Human Trafficking        Raises awareness of human trafficking.

HB171/SB366 Infectious Disease Elimination Programs   Authorizes establishment of sterile needle & syringe exchange programs to prevent spread of infectious diseases.

HB7125/SB642 Public Safety    Increases the felony theft threshold, prohibits suspension of drivers licenses except for traffic offenses and implements other important sentencing and criminal justice reforms.

Also, urge the Governor to VETO the following:

HB527/SB168 Federal Immigration Enforcement   Prohibits Sanctuary Cities and threatens, profiles, harasses and detains immigrant families. It wastes valuable local resources, hurts families and local budgets. It corrodes community trust in law enforcement, drains valuable law enforcement resources.

HB997/SB322 Health Plans       Requires insurers to offer at least one policy that does not exclude or delay coverage due to preexisting medical conditions. However, no limits are placed on the expected very high cost of these policies, thus making them potentially unaffordable for the general population.

SB7066 Ballot Processes   The Amendment 4 restriction language in this bill will prevent hundreds of thousands of returning citizens from voting. It will exclude too many individuals with outstanding financial obligation and bases the eligibility to vote on the ability to pay which is counter to the promise of Amendment 4.

HB5 Ballot Measures        This legislation imposes significant barriers to the ability of Floridians to petition and directly amend our state’s constitution when our state government fails to act.

The following bills have been passed and signed into law by the Governor. Regrettably, they are all bills we have opposed since their introduction.

HB7093/SB7030   School Safety         Arms teachers in school classrooms

HB7113/SB7068   Transportation      Funds three toll roads through rural Florida that will accelerate urban sprawl.

HB7075/HB7095/SB7070 School Choice       Funnels general revenue dollars to private and religious schools.

Thank you all for your participation in this important process and the calls you made and emails you sent to your representatives.

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