Charlie Crist’s Staff Meets with Indivisible FL-13, ACLU

We’re meeting with Charlie Crist’s staff to discuss his Yes vote on HR 3004 “Kate’s Law,” a law that will quadruple how long arrested undocumented immigrants spend in prison from 15 months to 5 years – bringing with it all the problems and costs of mass incarceration.

There’s a strategy call today at 6 if you’d like to hear more about the plan. The meeting is next week. Contact us for info about how to join in.┬áThe ACLU will be speaking so if you’re nervous about what to say and just want to show your support, that’s OK.

Background on Kate’s Law, from when it was first proposed in 2015.

Kate’s Law passed the House June 29th 2017. It has not been scheduled in the Senate. Who voted.