About Us

Indivisible FL-13 organizer Kate Pravera speaks at a rally in 2018.

Our mission: 

We advocate in Florida’s 13th Congressional District for a fair, just, inclusive and representative democracy.

About us:

Indivisible FL-13 is an independent, all-volunteer group of citizens united in our support for progressive policies and candidates. We focus on issues affecting Florida’s 13th Congressional District, and we take action. We knock on doors, we write letters, we make phone calls, we advocate for legislation, we rally and we make our voices heard in advancing a vision for our country rooted in decency, inclusion and respect.

We oppose the Trump-Republican agenda. We support the progressive ideals of a clean and healthy environment, gender and racial equity, voter access, gun safety, and equal access to quality education, health care and economic opportunities.

We partner with the Indivisible network and with other like-minded grassroots organizations in Florida and across the U.S. to harness our collective power. We will persist, and we will prevail. Join us!